COVID Weddings: How to Plan, Adjust, Postpone with your Wedding Photographer

UPDATE 2024:

As of May 5, 2021, I have been fully vaccinated (Pfizer).
As of December 27, 2021, I have been boostered (Pfizer).
As of October 4th, 2022, I have been double boostered (Pfizer).

All content below will still be relevant for the 2024 and 2025 wedding years.
Thank you!


As you all are planning your upcoming wedding, engagement, elopement, or event, I’m sure you have many questions in regards to my workflow. I’ll share a bit of information and provide detailed answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. I am aware that things might feel tumultuous right now – especially with guests or family members. Please know that, as a person, I want to make sure you feel as safe as possible during this whole process. I will accommodate and make sure to be transparent through this process. I am available to answer any questions you may have. I’ll be here to communicate with you, provide real insight on this past year, hear your thoughts, and willing to make any changes based on your thoughts.

Justin, how are you? How is your photography business during COVID-19?

I’ve been staying healthy this last year and I have been doing weekly COVID-19 tests. I have been photographing smaller weddings in the local area and I have not traveled since December 2019. This past year, there have been weeks where I have completely felt deflated and very unmotivated. I have had friends who have lost their loved ones as well, so I’ve been taking it very seriously. I would highly encourage postponing a wedding, but I 100% respect everyone’s decision moving forward. I will continue monitoring the news on the COVID-19 weekly to decide what might be the best course of action. Financially speaking, business did well in 2020 and I am one of the fortunate ones who did not have to close business..

Update 2022:
I’ve been photographing most of my weddings in the local area and did a few destination weddings in the last few years.
Destination weddings are back on the rise.
2021 and 2022 were my busiest years, ending up with 57 weddings and 63 weddings.

Update 2023:
I ended the year with 62 weddings (43 large scale weddings and 19 elopements), 24 engagement sessions, 24 family / maternity sessions, and 8 other photoshoots.
None of them were interrupted by COVID lockdowns.

COVID-19 Postponement and Cancellation Policy

If the wedding is postponed due to COVID-19, Client and Justin Kunimoto Photography LLC will do their best to find a future date that works for all parties. The deposit / reservation is transferred over and no other payments need to be made.

If both the Client and Justin Kunimoto Photography LLC cannot find matching dates, Justin Kunimoto Photography LLC will refund the deposit and any other payments that were made for services not provided by Justin Kunimoto LLC.
If the Client need to cancel for any other reason, Justin Kunimoto Photography LLC will retain the deposit.

Lets Connect!

I’d love to hear your from you or answer any questions you may have!


ABSOLUTELY! As long as there aren’t any national, state, or local restrictions on your wedding, the number of guests attending, or any regulations affecting my ability to perform my contracted obligations, I am 100% planning to be there! I’m staying on top of the national, state, county regulations as well as the official recommendations of the CDC and WHO and will be in touch with you if any restrictions may impact your wedding date.

I fully entrust and respect your decision; whether that be going through with, postponing, or holding a smaller wedding.

If you’re in a position where you’re being forced to reschedule / postpone your wedding due COVID-19, I will be more than happy to reschedule your date to any date I’m available. That said, if you’re considering rescheduling, please reach out to me immediately so we can make sure I have availability for your new date!

It doesn’t have to be a super formal e-mail.
I’m definitely the type that takes 45 minutes to write an email so I understand. LOL

A super easy template that can be copied and sent to me:

Hey Justin~!
We are considering postponing our wedding to [date(s)].
We are still aren’t 100% positive yet, but wanted to weigh our options.
Are you currently available?
Thank you~!
– [The Best Couple Ever]

Nope, I do not have rescheduling fees! This is a circumstance that is completely out of anyone’s control.

Yes, I have. Due to government restrictions, I had been forced to reschedule all my weddings booked in March-June 2020. Many other weddings in 2020 have postponed for dates in 2021 and 2022.

The wedding I photographed in 2020 had become elopement ceremonies or smaller intimate wedding ceremonies.

Update 2022:
I only have a couple more weddings that were postponed for 2023. Most weddings are new inquiries.

From a photography standpoint, absolutely nothing!
We can also go over logistics and how this will affect the timeline of your day.

Financially speaking, if you have made any changes to the hours I am needed, I’ll prorate any payments.

If I am unable to photograph your wedding, I will find another photographer for you. This comes at no additional cost. I will work with them beforehand to go over any details we may have covered in our communication and make sure they are fully equipped and prepared for your wedding.

If you prefer making the decision to find your own photographer, I will refund any payments that were made to me.

Yes! Great question!

The best place to start is to stay in communication with your all of your vendors. As you look at possible postponement dates, keep in mind that most Saturdays have been previously booked already. Rescheduling to a Friday or Sunday will provide the best chance for all your vendors to reschedule with you.