Visiting Oban and Isle of Skye, Scotland

For this post, I wanted to focus on a few locations my friend Mia and I had visited in May while out in Scotland.
Take it with a grain of salt, as there are a million things to do in Scotland.
This was my 2nd time being there so I had a different perspective going into it.
We decided to be a little bit more relaxed about this trip and not overextend ourselves and feel like we didn’t get to see everything in its entirely.
Sometimes slowing down and enjoying a few epic locations is better than trying to see ten landmarks.

As a quick pro-tip, the weather and the sheer amount of driving will definitely take a toll on your body.
Make sure to take breaks, get some fresh air, eat some amazing local goat cheese, and relax!


Well known for it’s whisky.
The last time I was in this town, it was a super quick short detour visit and so I had put this on my “go back to” locations.
Luckily, the wedding took place extremely close to here so it provided us a few days to stay and explore.

Lunga, Isle of Mull, Staff, Fingals Cave, Puffins

My friend, Mia, and I decided to take a boat tour to see some Puffins on Lunga near the Isle of Mull, Staffa, and Fingal’s Cave (amazing basalt columns~!).
If you have the chance, take the early bird boat – totally worth it~!
Also, the company is family owned~!

It was definitely a bucketlist item and was an experience by itself.
We took a boat, then a bus, then another boat – and made some detours because a crazy rain storm that was about to hit us while on the boat.
I actually don’t remember most of this part as I was exhausted and slept for the majority of the time while in transport.
Thanks Mia for being a team player lol.

Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave staffa
Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave
Fingals Cave
staffa tours
Fingals Cave
lunga puffin
Lunga isle of mull
Lunga puffin wedding photographer
Lunga puffin
Lunga Staffa Tours puffin


We had some time to kill once we got back to the Tobermory / Isle of Mull before our bus and boat trip back to Oban.
The Tobermory Distillery was still open and I wanted to pick up a gift.
What better than some peated whisky?~!
It’s super unique and I actually favored it more than a typical whisky.

After a quick purchase we walked around Tobermory to get some fish and chips, ice cream, and just enjoyed the town of like 1000 people.

The only place we did not have a chance to visit was the Isle of Mull Cheese farm – I mean… look at that greenhouse~!
*** On the list for next time ***

Tobermory UK
Isle of Mull Ice Cream
Tobermory Distillery Visitor Centre
Isle of Mull
Isle of Mull

McGaigs Tower

We made our way back to Oban but the Oban Distillery was closed. Oops.
Sorry my lack of planning on this one.

We ended the day off watching sunset by visiting McCaig’s Tower on a whim.
I got my random Indian food craving in for the night.

McCaig's Tower
McCaig's Tower
McCaig's Tower wedding
Oban Scotland

Isle of Skye

By far, this place is definitely my favorite – and it will probably forever be. While the drive might be a bit long, the scenery is breathtaking and well worth it every single time.
I would highly recommend visiting Quiraing, Old Man of Storr, Eilean Donan.
All of it has the whole, Game of Thrones vibe.
I’m much more of a scenery type of person rather than a city, so that’s probably part of it.

Anyway – if you have the chance – eat any sort of cheese – your mouth will be blessed 😛 (even on pizza it’s delicious)

Hope this helps and good luck on your adventure~!
Hope you enjoy the photos~!
Let me know if you enjoyed it~!
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Sligachan Old Bridge
Sligachan Old Bridge
Quiraing wedding photographer
Quiraing wedding photographer
Quiraing Scotland
Eilean Donan wedding photographer
Eilean Donan wedding photographer
Eilean Donan

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