Made this trip back in early 2018.
It was based on a dare.

My friend invited me over and she told me,
“I won’t believe you will visit unless I see a flight confirmation e-mail”

As you can tell, I take challenges very seriously.
I found that I had some miles saved up so I decided,
“YOLO~! Why not~!”

What waited for me was amazing food.
Actually, we discovered the best gelato place ever.
The owner apparently moved straight from Italy to “retire” and to start his own business there.

If you do a quick google search for Palau, you will see the famous Rock Islands.
To my disappointment (based on stupidity + obliviousness), that is not where I stayed.
More info can be found here – it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site~!

Anywho, I thought I’d write more – but I think the photos will do it justice.
I was quickly looking back at these images and decided I should probably post them.

Also, enjoy my ‘vacation’ photos – nothing artistic to see – just me being my silly self.